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Welcome to Aromatherapy and Holistic Health.

Created to bring you ideas and inspiration for improving your health and to help you to achieve that wonderful feeling of well-being.

A little bit about me: I’m Natalie, a Clinical Aromatherapist registered with the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists and certified Hatha Yoga teacher, with proven experience in bespoke herbal remedies. I offer a range of therapeutic treatments from my clinic & treatment room overlooking the beautiful Blackmore Vale in North Dorset.

I have a passion for all things natural. I grow my own herbs and make my own hydrosols, tinctures and macerated oils which I use in my home clinic during treatments. These are also included in many of the personalised home treatments and products on offer, all made from 100% natural ingredients.

I hope some of the information shared here will help you on your journey to wellness. If you are interested in having a treatment, exploring my range of personalised products made to order, or would just like to have a chat, please get in touch.

Natalie Gilding MIFPA CYT

Why Holistic Health?

Stress Management

Essential oils and massage can bring about a fabulous feeling of relaxation, bringing relief from stress.

Women's Health

There is a wide range of essentials oils and herbal remedies that can help at all stages of your life journey.


Massage, specific essential oils along with selected additions to your regular diet can help energise both body and mind.

Personalised Home Treatments

100% natural ingredients are used to create a personal prescription range of products, both remedial products and a range of personal care items.

Complete Wellness

A holistic approach, treating the whole person naturally; mind, body and spirit, provides deep healing and helps you to enjoy complete wellness.


If you want to undertake a thorough cleanse of the body a personalised diet, exercise and massage treatment regime can give you the boost you are searching for.


Natalie’s treatments brought about deep relaxation in a way that I am not used to and after treatments I felt significantly less stressed and anxious. This enabled me to sleep better and feel more rested and refreshed. My arthritis is so much better, I don't have daily pain in my finger joints anymore and my blood pressure has gone down significantly and is no longer in the danger range. The therapy room was warm and inviting and felt like a special safe space.

Jane M.


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Initial Consult & First Treatment - Clinical Aromatherapy

Follow-up Treatment - Clinical Aromatherapy

Personalised Home Treatments & Products

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